edunger nights of hope New Release:
Nights of Hope
The lights have gone out..But silently
breaking through are the warm
whispers of hopefulness cutting
through the descent, into rising hope.
New Release:
Breaks of Stillness
From your home to the dance floor to
the car to a dance studio, be yourself
in your current season of life. Create your
stillness and dance towards your breakthrough.
New Release Take a sonic journey, and let your heartbeat
sync with melody. Forget about your woes
and commitments, and allow yourself to
flow through the zones of Miami.
DJ Mixes Start your day with a Cup of Inspiration:
Unique remixes, uplifting emotions and
new cups of music to boost your day no
matter when it starts.

Latest Release:
Nights of Hope

..There is no fire, no electricity and zapped of energy on towards the gritty edge of disaster.. But silently breaking through, are the warm whispers of hopefulness cutting through the descent, into rising hope.


Ed offers DJ and Live services for a unique night of entertainment. Sets include tracks and remixes with uplifting emotions to give your event energy and chemistry. He has performed DJ live with beats, vocals, guitar including collaborations with additional vocal, guitar, violin, flute, harmonica, saxophone and percussion artists.

Ed will coordinate with your team to understand your event goals, audience, style and design a musical experience that will match the right music to your event’s branded experience. Currently, Ed Unger is a music producer, singer, songwriter, vocalist, guitarist and a DJ in South Florida.


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    Episode 82 is a Deep & Progressive House Inspired Mix including tracks and Remixes by Will Clarke, Steve Brian, Sorley, Marc Benjamin, BSOD, Leftwing, Simon Ray and Hot Since 82. Hot Since 82 &#82.


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    Live stream with a little Tribal, House, Drum, Late Night Groove Quarantine kinda thing Subscribe for Streams at https://www.twitch.tv/edunger Watch Nights of Hope Session from edunger on www.twitch.t.

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  • Private Event @ Boca Resort and Spa

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